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welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome, if you haven’t guessed by name by now I’d be shocked. But for the few that somehow haven’t! My name is Susan Blue.

I’m an insurance agent located in New Jersey. I help people find cheap insurance, weather that’s car insurance, life, health or business insurance!

A little about me

  • Mother of two wonderful boys
  • Married happily
  • Born and raised in N.J
  • Love to travel and Ski

What I made this blog?

I wanted to spread as much information about insurance as I could. A lot of people think insurance companies and agents are greedy and just want money. Nothing could be further from the truth. We want to help you! So I made this blog to demystify a lot of bad information I’m seeing out there. Especially when it comes to health and auto insurance.

This is also my personal blog, so expect random blog posts as well. Even some amazing pictures. Never know what you’re going to find here.

Used Car Dealerships Toronto Should Be Proud of

Used Car Dealerships Toronto

When my husband and I finally decided it was time to get a second car, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do. We had a car that we bought when it was new and still had 2 more years left of payments on it. We didn’t really want to take on another huge debt like that so we decided to try to look for a good deal on a used car.

We had the same hesitations as I think most people do when they go shopping for a used car for the first time. We’re going to get a lemon. The dealer is going to take advantage of us. We’re going to get ripped off. Of course, this is the kind of thing that you will never really understand until you actually do it. We had an experience that really surprised us.

First of all, you should know that there are some great used cars in Toronto has waiting in it’s used car lots. We were surprised to find a model a year older than the car we were still paying off that was going for significantly less money. We almost bought it, too, but we wanted something different from what we already have.

I probably drove the salesman crazy with all of my skepticism and ridiculous questions. But I just wanted to be sure! I was just about sold when my husband asked if we could take the car to our mechanic to check out and they encouraged us to do so. Then I really believed that they weren’t trying to pull one over on us. Why would the encourage us to have our mechanic look at it if they knew about any major problems?

We took the car to our mechanic the very next day and he gave it a clean bill of health. We signed the papers that very afternoon! All in all, I’d been dreading the experience. But it could not have been easier! From the second we walked onto the lot, I was impressed. They weren’t pushy and never acted annoyed, even though I know I asked a lot of ridiculous questions. There are a lot of used car dealerships Toronto should be proud of. I’m telling everyone I know to take a closer look. You’re missing a great opportunity if you don’t give them a chance! We found a lot of them here by the way: https://www.carcanuck.ca/

Now all we need is car insurance. Like NJ, toronto car insurance is expensive. One thing I don’t like about car insurance here is that there isn’t any very cheap car insurance no deposit. All car insurance requires a deposit here. So you’ll have no luck finding cheap car insurance no deposit. Too bad! Also car insurance is a lot more expensive here than in NJ, and 4 times more expensive that it was in Connecticut. When we lived in CT car insurance was probably the most we ever paid. Not anymore.

Not Using Chiropractor SEO Tools – Here’s Why You Need to Start Today

The article below is written by my friend. He begged me to share it. So I did :P, for a beer or two..

Chiropractor SEO Tools I recommend

Do you have a website for your chiropractic clinic but you haven’t really given much thought to SEO tools? If you’re not using chiropractor SEO tools it’s time to re-examine your stance. Here’s a look at why you not only need to familiarise yourself with them but embrace them and start using them today.

It’s All About Your Rankings

There are a number of different effective SEO tools available for people to use. The question is why use them? It’s really a simple answer and that’s the fact that your website depends on them. SEO tools in fact help your Google search engine rankings. The higher you rank on the Google search pages, the more traffic you are likely to get. SEO tools make use of Googles rules and algorithms to find ways to get your page noticed and “found” if you will.

So let’s take it one step further and ask why your website traffic matters. Again it’s a very simple answer. The more people that are aware of you and your website, the more potential customers you are reaching that will come into your clinic.

What Are the Most Important Tools?

As for what the most important SEO tools are, there are actually a few that experts recommend you use. These include:

– An analysis of your backlinks, you need to look at how those links to your website are working out

– Keyword monitoring, make sure the keywords you are using are effective and are relevant to the website

– Performance analysis, how can you tell if your website is performing well or not if you aren’t monitoring its performance

– An analysis of your internal links to ensure they are relevant and follow the proper link structure

There are a number of other tools that can offer impressive results too, but the above mentioned tools tend to be the most popular and effective. If you aren’t yet sold on SEO tools, it’s recommended you do your research and look into just how much of a positive impact they can have on a business. There’s a good chance you’ll be convinced of their merit.

Here’s my buddies chiropractor seo guide if you wanna learn more: http://www.savedbysearch.com/chiropractic-seo/

Good thing I have no deposit car insurance!

My car was stolen! Lucky I have very cheap car insurance no deposit

Last night was AWFUL. It was meant to be a just me and the girls going out for drinks, having a gossip and generally unwinding after a really stressful few weeks, but of course, that didn’t happen. I was being designed driver because the medication I’m on doesn’t go well with alcohol, but I figured that would be fine – none of the girls tend to get really drunk.

I was right- the night itself was great, lots of cocktails, dancing, and generally just having a good time. The worst thing I was worried about was if one of them threw up in the car or something.

But then I get out to the car park, and my car is GONE. We looked everywhere for it, like, over the whole car park, and there was just no sign of it. Basically, it’s been stolen. I’m so upset, I had my favourite shoes in there and my MP3 player. So there we are, freezing cold, no car, (most of us) drunk and trying to flag down a taxi. Usually, I’d do it but I was too upset over my car.

There is one good thing though. My mum persuaded me to change my car insurance a couple of months ago. I used to have third party only cover (basically, it’d only cover damage to other people) because I thought it was the cheapest option. I would have been in so much more trouble if that were the case, because I’m be completely stuck now! Luckily, my mum helped me find some comprehensive, no deposit car insurance with no upfront fees, and I swapped over straight away.

Which means that I’m at least getting some help!

I can’t imagine what state I’d have been in if this had happened a few months ago. My mum’s helping me, but hopefully I’ll be getting a temporary car through my insurance rather than having to  beg for lifts to work.  I didn’t realise you could get insurance that covered that sort of thing without paying a deposit, so I hadn’t even looked – I’d be in so much trouble. She’s going to help me with the deductible because it’s a bit higher than I hoped, but it’s still better than having nothing.

Should Students Qualify For The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

First Off, What’s The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

Students, typically, are looking for everything on the cheap. For the most part, they want as much as they can, for as little as they can spend.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Books are expensive. Tuition fees are expensive. They are just realizing that simply doing human things like eating and staying warm, is expensive. Life in general, expensive. And for students especially, car insurance is very expensive.

The whole time I was studying, high insurance premiums were the bain of my existence. Especially considering I lived in the heart of what appeared to be a village for the over 60’s. And my everyday life was spent trundling along behind a grey head of hair at roughly one-third of the speed limit.

Even with this habitual, borderline dangerous, level of caution, elderly drivers still beat students in the ‘who has the cheapest auto insurance’ stakes.

And then I took a long hard look at myself and my fellow students and wondered why we’re presumed to be so dangerous behind the wheel.

I was by no means a dangerous driver compared with most of my student friends. But did I drive the speed limit? Nope, not unless there were working speed cameras around.

Did I park in safe driveways in quiet residential areas like the majority of my elderly neighbours? No, I parked in a dodgy side street next to a known brothel when I went to work because it was free. And I parked about 20 minutes away from where I lived on another dodgy side street the rest of the time because I didn’t qualify for free university parking.

Was I always alert behind the wheel? Absolutely not. I worked a full-time job. Studied full time, and attempted to have some form of social life. I slept a total of 8 hours a week for the entirety of my degree and mainlined caffeine for survival.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that auto insurance is the one thing that students probably shouldn’t be getting at a rock bottom price. But if you’re looking for the cheapest auto insurance I recommend using this comparison site: whohasthecheapestautoinsurance.com

What is full coverage auto insurance?

full coverage car insurance

I get this question asked a lot: What is full coverage auto insurance?

It’s a good question, since finding out online is more difficult than it should be. Most of the websites you google give you poor answer, so I’ll do my best to fix that!

Full coverage car insurance insurance firstly is a made up term. There is no such thing as full coverage insurance.

While the exact term is made up the meaning is not. “full coverage insurance” is generally insurance the covers are wide variety of things. Usually that means you’re getting the best coverage you can buy; things like extensive health insurance in case of an accident and strong coverage for your car and liabilites.

Basically full coverage insurance is the best insurance you can buy.

So should you buy full coverage car insurance?


Most people do not require full coverage insurance. Maybe 5% of the clients I deal with I recommend buying full coverage insurance. Whether you buy it or not will depend on many things, so it’s impossible for me to blindly recommend it or tell you that you don’t need it.

Getting cheap full coverage car insurance

I highly recommend you talk with a professional insurance agent to see if this is right for you.

After that you should compare quotes online, on a site like: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/

Comparing multiple insurance companies is the easiest way to see who offers the cheapest car insurance.

Full coverage doesn’t have to be that expensive, as long as you do some price shopping. But in the end it’ll still probably end up costing you 20-50% more yearly than regular insurance coverage would. For some people that cost is worth it, but for most it is not.

So talk to an agent and find out if it’s worth it for you!

Hope this article helps, if you have any questions about this please let me know. I would be glad to help.