Welcome to Susan Blue

welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome, if you haven’t guessed by name by now I’d be shocked. But for the few that somehow haven’t! My name is Susan Blue.

I’m an insurance agent located in New Jersey. I help people find cheap insurance, weather that’s car insurance, life, health or business insurance!

A little about me

  • Mother of two wonderful boys
  • Married happily
  • Born and raised in N.J
  • Love to travel and Ski

What I made this blog?

I wanted to spread as much information about insurance as I could. A lot of people think insurance companies and agents are greedy and just want money. Nothing could be further from the truth. We want to help you! So I made this blog to demystify a lot of bad information I’m seeing out there. Especially when it comes to health and auto insurance.

This is also my personal blog, so expect random blog posts as well. Even some amazing pictures. Never know what you’re going to find here.