Good thing I have no deposit car insurance!

My car was stolen! Lucky I have very cheap car insurance no deposit

Last night was AWFUL. It was meant to be a just me and the girls going out for drinks, having a gossip and generally unwinding after a really stressful few weeks, but of course, that didn’t happen. I was being designed driver because the medication I’m on doesn’t go well with alcohol, but I figured that would be fine – none of the girls tend to get really drunk.

I was right- the night itself was great, lots of cocktails, dancing, and generally just having a good time. The worst thing I was worried about was if one of them threw up in the car or something.

But then I get out to the car park, and my car is GONE. We looked everywhere for it, like, over the whole car park, and there was just no sign of it. Basically, it’s been stolen. I’m so upset, I had my favourite shoes in there and my MP3 player. So there we are, freezing cold, no car, (most of us) drunk and trying to flag down a taxi. Usually, I’d do it but I was too upset over my car.

There is one good thing though. My mum persuaded me to change my car insurance a couple of months ago. I used to have third party only cover (basically, it’d only cover damage to other people) because I thought it was the cheapest option. I would have been in so much more trouble if that were the case, because I’m be completely stuck now! Luckily, my mum helped me find some comprehensive, no deposit car insurance with no upfront fees, and I swapped over straight away.

Which means that I’m at least getting some help!

I can’t imagine what state I’d have been in if this had happened a few months ago. My mum’s helping me, but hopefully I’ll be getting a temporary car through my insurance rather than having to  beg for lifts to work.  I didn’t realise you could get insurance that covered that sort of thing without paying a deposit, so I hadn’t even looked – I’d be in so much trouble. She’s going to help me with the deductible because it’s a bit higher than I hoped, but it’s still better than having nothing.